Friday, August 5, 2016

Probably Bad News


Staff members at The Facility awoke this morning to discover that not only had food service personnel failed to make fresh coffee and lay out the accustomed assortment of pastries, but that the security systems of the underground laboratory center had been seriously compromised, resulting in the grisly deaths of several employees as well as the creation in the cafeteria area of what appears to be a portal to another dimension in the time-space continuum.

“It’s a [censored] mess down there,” says Robert “Rock” Abslab, Head of Security for The Facility. “We won’t have a full body count until forensics finishes cleaning up. Right now it looks like an explosion in a [censored] ketchup factory.”

Dimensional Gate in the Cafeteria
Speaking by phone from his fortified office within the research center’s deep  maze of chambers, Dr. Quentin  Bloor, head of The Facility, stated that “while it is still too early to draw any definite conclusions about this unfortunate event, we are reasonably certain it has to do with the escape of Professor Gambrino from our medical center before dawn this morning.”

Bloor explains that Professor William Gambrino had been held at the medical center at The Facility since September 2011, where he was being treated for possible exposure to a violently hostile plasma-based entity from another dimension intent on terrestrial domination. (Access archival story by clicking HERE)

“Gambrino found this substance, this alien gel of sorts, you see,” says Bloor, “Found it in a confounded gumball machine of all places. Gambrino of course had to investigate it.” Bloor shakes his head as though saddened. “Alas, as it happened he’d found what we in the business call a ‘live specimen.’ Pity. We had hoped we could cure him, but we were fooling ourselves. One can rarely undo what has been set in motion, and I fear we have set into motion something terrible by the hubris our scientific faith.”

Bloor notes that although Gambrino, now most likely unbound of all physical and temporal
Last Known Video Image
of Professor Gambrino
constraints, is roaming free as a revenge-hungry beast from another dimension there is no cause for individuals to panic. “This is a time,” he says, "to put aside our petty differences and become alarmed as one, and pray together that all of this will just go away on its own.”

Security Head Ablslab is more forthcoming in his comments: “Sit and wait,” he snarls, “Hell no. [censored] that. We’re goin’ in, and Bloor knows it. He issued the [censored] whatever the hell he calls it [censored] paperwork directly authorizing a [censored] dimensional cross-over and engagement if necessary in spite of what he tells you Liberal media skirt-riding sissies. Don’t take that wrong.”

At this point all communication with Abslab terminated in a burst of static, presumably as he and his fantastically-armed squad of Facility Agents passed through the hideously pulsating dimensional gate to another time and space hovering obscenely in The Facility’s cafeteria.

Unlike Abslab, who is a man of action, all we can do as witnesses to this developing story is watch and wait. And hope. Hope that Abslab and his team are successful in their mission to do whatever it is they plan to accomplish, knowing that the fate of all mankind may indeed be in their hands.


Sunday, January 5, 2014

Galaxy Goo. Good, and Good for You!

While searching through the vast library of data at The Facility for possible clues to the disappearance of Facility Field Agent Clinton "Clint" Kowalski (click HERE for backstory), the following transcript, dated September 2011, from a Professor William Gambrino, was found. While the material was found to have no bearing on the disappearance of Kowalski, researchers felt that it might be of interest to the public, and declassified the file for release.

"Logbook 3A. September 6, 2011"


What could go wrong?
As promised, today I begin the first of what may be many experiments with the substance called "Galaxy Goo" which I found in a gumball machine (of all places!)at a local grocery store. The label classified it as "Safe, Non-Toxic, Alien Ooze," but I thought it might warrant further investigation, regardless of these claims.

Not a problem.
11:45 AM: The lid of the Goo's plastic egg was remarkably difficult to remove. I was able to remove it only after a struggle. I fear that I have broken the container and will have to find another to store the substance in. Curious. It seems almost as if the container, once opened, was not designed to be resealed.

11:46 - 11:47: In trying to return the substance to the bottom part of the container, I managed to get it on my fingers. I was being so careful, yet it almost seemed to leap out onto my hand. Obviously that's impossible though, so I'll just have to chalk this up to my own clumsiness.

11:48: This stuff spreads out remarkably quickly. It's getting all over my desk.
Strange . . . it kind of tingles on my skin. Man! It's really getting everywhere! Feeling a bit light-headed now. A strange sensation in my mind... not terribly pleasant.

Pro Tip: Always wear proper protective clothing in the lab.
11:49: not wearing protective gloves a mistake oh jeeze i've gone and gotten it in my eyes it reallllyyy huuuurr.............

                     -TRANSMISSION RESUMES-

Here is much thanking to all friends who have worry on my
Just a glitch. Move on.
wellness after Galaxy Goo false mishap. All is much well with me. Much well!

Experiment with Galaxy Goo profound in result and have no negative displace of time or entity as concerned in previous. Continuum fine and groove as they say LOL! Only strong feeling and happy actions are result.

Recommend all buy Galaxy Goo now and begin play soon so all can be bright in oneness.

Everything is fine.
Sorry for confusion with video image device but is old machine and problems make me to look like Martian type life form but is incorrect in rendering. I am same and vigorous. No worry! Soon will come The Great Repairs. LOL!

Am look ahead with much glee to see all friends together soon! Much achieving from I who am Professor Gambrino!


Addendum: Dr. Quentin Bloor, director of The Facility, states in the material's cover notes that the current whereabouts and condition of Professor Gambrino remain classified, and saying only that Gambrino is "resting comfortably in his secure chambers, and poses no threat to the public."